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Using the Coin Melt Value Calculator

Entering a Coin

To enter a coin you must first select a coin series within the "Collection" section of the page. You can then enter the number of coins in the "Quantity" box. You may also select the "+" to add one to the quantity or select "-" to subtract one from the quantity. You can then select a unit of measurement from the "Unit" box. Available unit options are either by weight, face value, roll or coins by default. Notice that the total metal value for the coin series is automatically updated as you change the quantity and unit. You may remove a coin series by using the "X" which is located at the end of the line.

Selecting a Currency

You can change the displayed currency of any page by selecting your choice in the currency box located in the menu bar. You may also choose a currency using the "Currency" box located in the "Options" section of the page. We have a multitude of currencies available to use including Bitcoin.

Precision Option

The number of decimals displayed on the page can be selected using the "Precision" box located in the "Options" section of the page. A higher precision value may be used to show a more accurate metal value.

Wear % Option

The wear % option can be selected using the "Wear" box located in the "Options" section of the page. The wear % is used to calculate junk silver coins that are heavily worn. Heavily worn coins weigh less than coins in good condition. This affects value because there is less of the valuable metals in these worn coins.

Spread Option

The spread % option can be selected using the "Spread" box located in the "Options" section of the page. The spread represents the bid and ask or buy and sell prices that you can use. This option is more useful for collector stores or pawn shops to help them make good choices when conducting transactions. The spread % is set to 5% by default. This means that the ask price will be 5% higher and the bid price will be 5% less than the melt value of your collection.

Entering a Custom Metal Value

You can enter your own custom metal value by selecting the metal in the "Metal Value" box located in the "Options" section of the page. After selecting a metal another box will appear to the right in which you can enter your own price. These custom metal values can be reset by selecting the "Reset Custom" button at the bottom of the "Options" section of the page. Selecting a metal value will also only calculate the value of your coins depending on the selected metal alone.

Resetting the Calculator

You have three different reset options in this calculator. All three are located at the bottom of the "Options" section of the page. The "Reset Options" button is used to reset the default values of the "Currency", "Spread", "Precision" and "Wear" options. The "Reset Calculator" button does the same as the "Reset Options" button but it also removes all coins from the "Collection" section. The "Reset Custom" option returns the metal prices to their default values.

Displaying the Results

The "Results" section is used to present you with all the results of the calculator. The results are automatically updated whenever an action is taken in the calculator. The number of coins in the collection is displayed and is approximated whenever you are using weights as a unit of measurement. The price spread is displayed and is determined by the spread % selected in the "Spread" box in the "Options" section. The total metal value is displayed with the users assumptions of wear %, metal choice, and custom metal price. Finally a link to the entire collection and its options is automatically generated at the bottom of the "Results" section. Keep in mind that custom metal prices are not saved in this link to prevent people from being mislead.

Using the Collection Link

The link at the bottom of the "Results" section can be used to track the price of the coins in your collection. It can also be used to sell your coins. You can put this link in your listing to show potential buyers the melt value of your coins. This is especially helpful if you are selling large silver coin lots. The potential buyer can verify within seconds the silver value of your listing instead of taking a few minuted to calculate it all out. The buyer will also be more confident and be willing to buy your collection due to the verification that Metallicoin's coin metal value calculator provides. As a seller you can have the comfort of knowing that you should at least get the silver value of your collection due to the buyers being well informed.